Hi, my name is Alisha. I’m a Kiwi based in Dubai. I am currently recording new episodes of Crypto Native, after a (very) long hiatus.

Connecting Dots

I have a law degree and I am an enrolled Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand. I previously worked at Ernst & Young in NZ and Australia. I left EY after a Partner I admired died of a heartattack one Sunday evening, at the age of 39. I realised just how short life can be.

I started and automated an ecommerce business with suppliers in China and Japan that ran for a decade. I added Bitpay to my Shopify store in 2014 and had a regular customer who paid with Bitcoin. This was my first introduction to crypto.

I onboarded to web3 through Kernel, an incredible learning community supported by Gitcoin. I participated in Block 3 as a Fellow and went on to become a Steward at Kernel. I was part of the Public Goods PR squad at Gitcoin in the latter part of 2021, co-hosting weekly Twitter Spaces called “Public Goods are Good”.

I launched a video podcast called Crypto Native and began working at ENS. At ENS, I have worked across community, ecosystem, and governance. I was involved in the launch of the ENS DAO and created the Working Group infrastructure for the ENS DAO.

Personal Context

I was recruited to a private school to play field hockey when I was 10. We went on to win Nationals some years later.

My Instagram explore feed is predominantly golf content.

I am a Liverpool FC supporter through marriage and will always opt for a service provider that is an LFC fan if given the option (which my hairdresser in NZ and golf coach in Dubai can attest to).


DM me on Twitter or Telegram.